Egg base - screw game

NEWS! Egg base – screw game

Imagine a unique Easter game/puzzle that combines fun, challenge, and design in the spirit of Easter. This innovative egg-shaped puzzle will offer a unique experience that develops spatial imagination and logical thinking for players of all ages.

The key element of this puzzle is an egg, divided into several colorful pieces that screw onto a special threaded rod placed on a stable base. Each piece of the egg is designed to fit precisely onto the rod while also providing a challenge in its correct arrangement. The screwing system ensures that the pieces stay firmly in place, adding stability to the entire structure.

The base of the puzzle is equipped with an innovative mechanism that allows it to be expanded and easily connected to other bases. This feature offers the possibility to connect multiple puzzles together to create larger and more complex structures, offering endless possibilities for creativity and collaboration.

This Easter puzzle is ideal not only as a decoration but also as an educational toy that supports fine motor skills, patience, and teamwork. It is suitable for individuals, families, and groups of friends who want to spend time together solving fun and stimulating tasks.

Add this original Easter puzzle to your collection of games and enjoy not only the fun and challenge but also the beauty that its unique design brings.

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