3D Printable Horse Stables

Coming Soon: Innovative 3D Printable Horse Stables

I’m excited to introduce a new model of horse stables, specifically designed for 3D printers, including mini ones. This innovative design accommodates horses up to 15×5.5×13 cm in size, making it an ideal choice for model enthusiasts and horse lovers alike. The stables are equipped with functional sliding doors, adding to their realism and practicality. A unique feature is the ability to adjust and customize the stalls, allowing you to create spaces tailored to your needs – whether you require separate stalls or larger areas for two horses. This model is designed for easy and accessible printing, meaning you can print and assemble your own stable at home with your 3D printer. Moreover, a new version of the model has been adjusted to be compatible with mini 3D printers, making it even more accessible to everyone. The model will soon be available for download, so you can look forward to endless hours of fun creating and customizing your very own horse stable.

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