Detailed 3D models for 3D printing.

Modular Garden Cottage
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3D Printing:
Unlimited Creativity

Explore the World of Modular Toys and Designer Decorations.

Innovative Customizability
and Creativity

I offer intricately designed 3D models of modular toys that unlock endless possibilities for combinations and customization. These models not only allow the creation of unique toys tailored to individual imagination but also promote the development of creative thinking and problem-solving in a playful manner.

Christmas Truck

Aesthetics and Design
for Modern Interiors

These models bring sophistication and a personal touch to any space. They are perfect for those looking to enrich their home or work environment with unique, custom-made items.

3D models for download here: Cults | Thangs | Maker World | Printables | Patreon

“Where imagination ends, 3D printing begins, pushing the boundaries of the possible.”

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My Patrons

In every piece of my work, there’s a story, and behind each of those stories stand extraordinary individuals who help turn my dreams into reality. This section is dedicated to them – my Patrons. Their generosity and passion for the art of 3D printing enable me to continually evolve and bring new, inspiring projects to the world. Each name you find here is a testament to the incredible support and trust these people have placed in me. With deep appreciation and gratitude, I thank you for being part of my journey.

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Ivan Lawrence

3D Kingitus OÜ

tata Honza

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benjamin dol

License for everyone

In the world of 3D printing, selecting the right license for models is a crucial factor that influences both the sharing and protection of the work. These licenses dictate how models can be used, modified, and distributed, opening the door to a wide range of creative uses.

For personal use

For models available for free download.

For commercial use

For subscribers on Patreon or Thangs and paid models on Cults.